What Really Matters

By John W. Vander Velden

In a world driven by what we might have, how easy it is to overlook the good things that surround us. Being mere mortals we view so much with the lens of “see, hold, and touch”. Harder to focus upon are the intangibles, and so we give them less value. Surely a shiny Mercedes must be more pleasing than a puppy’s love. After all a dog is just a dog…and a Mercedes…well. But we have been duped. For one day the auto will be just rusted metal, but the dog will always love you even if you drive a pile of cold hard rust. So when Thanksgiving arrives, it is good to be grateful for the things that make our lives better, but more, much more, we should be thankful for all the things of life we take for granted. The spouse that stands beside you no matter what. The child, perhaps full grown, that gives us the respect we may not feel we deserve. Each new day with its hopes and possibilities. Let us appreciate sunrises, its brilliant golds, oranges, and scarlet. Take time to notice the silvery moon that sails across the night sky filled with bright diamond like stars. Feel the frosty winter air as we draw into our lungs, and laugh at the puffs of mists that we send off with each exhale. Life is so much more than the somethings we can touch with our fingers. It is all the things that reach within us and change our hearts. As for me all these things show a God at work, prying me open, pouring something new inside, and for that I am grateful most of all.

So this Thanksgiving, take a bit of time to consider all the wonders, all the love, all the good that fill your world. Share what you can to those who have so little. It really won’t hurt you and can do so much good. And give the priceless things, a smile, a kind word, take a moment to hold the door for another. In other words share love, for in the end love is what really matters.

(360 Words) 11–23–2016




an avid reader and life long story teller, who approaches life with open eyes, hearing ears, and a heart willing to feel.

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John Vander Velden

John Vander Velden

an avid reader and life long story teller, who approaches life with open eyes, hearing ears, and a heart willing to feel.

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