By John W. Vander Velden

The strengthening sun has not yet eliminated winter’s last snows from our memory. Yet each day tells that a new season approaches. The song of the Redwing verifies that the harshest days have passed. Each day the Maple buds swell, soon the grand trees will have new attire — dressed among other hardwoods in a thousand shades of green. And we notice the tiny shoots along the roadsides that have forced their way through the brown mat of last year’s remnants, a certain sign that spring is near.

Winter has released its last roar and the fullness of the lamb grows with each day. Seasons come, this we know, but they are forced surrender to the next, the sequence continues. Each day a stride in the year’s journey. Each day a unique parcel of a week, a month, a season — of our lives. The year’s snow may be in our past but those days have shaped our todays and made us, oh so ready, for the new season’s challenges. I will not deny that winter’s harshness brings burdens, but contend those burdens build strength, and make spring the delight we anticipate on those long frigid days.

From where I stand, between drifting snow and daffodil’s glory, I remember dreary overcast skies, biting wind, and shoveling white stuff, but I can almost hear the robin’s morning herald, smell the apple blossoms fresh scent, and the taste fresh red strawberries sweetness. Spring is barely beyond my grasp. So it is difficult to remember that each day, winter’s cold, summer’s heat, fall’s colors or spring’s delights offer challenges and rewards. That each day contains wonders worthy of our appreciation. Today is always the best day we have — at the moment. We should do more than simply hope for finer days, but take our “now” to its upmost. So I wish you, a happy today!

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John Vander Velden

an avid reader and life long story teller, who approaches life with open eyes, hearing ears, and a heart willing to feel.