By John W. Vander Velden

For he built a house upon the sand…and the rains came and the wind blew…and that house fell!

We understand the need for a proper foundation, and hope our homes will stand the winds and storms. For much of construction depends upon the proper beginning. Often invisible and taken for granted, no matter how impressive an edifice might be, its durability stands literally upon a well laid foundation. Isn’t the tower of Pisa a prime example, leaning upon a foundation unable to support its weight?

Yet there are other types of foundations, the carefully laid stones that support our lives. These too may be invisible to others, often overlooked even by us. We go through our lives, dealing with all the challenges, facing disappointments, accepting recognition for accomplishments great and small, forgetting our origins. Each person’s life, laid upon stones set by others, a foundation for the life we live. Those of us fortunate, have our base built upon rock…deep and strong. Often that bedrock found in the lives of those coming before. Their example, much more than words, creates a location fit to place the first stones of our lives, a secure site unshakable by life’s storms.

Does that bedrock shield us from all pain and disappointment? Are we isolated? Do we live faultless, mistakes impossible? Is our success inevitable, unable to fail, as we pass through life relying upon the stones laid by others? No! A proper foundation does not separate us from life…its ups…its downs. We must face heartache and disappointments as all others. But when the storms of life tear into our world…When we are beaten and bruised…When we lose the noble fight…on bedrock we stand and are not overcome!

But that is not the ending, for around us others depend, around us others are watching. What must be done, for another generation follows, another generation needing proper footing, a footing that can only come from us? Each day we remember those respected in our past, and we should offer our best. An example as we teach truths rock solid and aid in the building of the next foundation!



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John Vander Velden

an avid reader and life long story teller, who approaches life with open eyes, hearing ears, and a heart willing to feel.